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The Reception/Welcome and Services Centre (C.A.S.) is the specific service for the patient in terms of assistance, guidance and support.

The CAS performs the following activities:

  • it welcomes the patient, informing them of the services provided, means of access, appointment bookings;
  • it performs duties in the areas of administration and management through the entire course of the patient's diagnostic-therapeutic pathway, based on the following main activities:
    • activation of the specific Interdisciplinary Care Group;
    • confirmation of the taking charge of the patient and of continuity of healthcare;
    • booking of preliminary diagnostic procedures;
    • creation and updating of the patient's Outline Oncological Record;
    • management of digital records.

Dr Antonio Capaldi
E-mail: antonio.capaldi@ircc.it
Telephone: 011.993.3079

CPS Nurse Rosalba Nicosia
Telephone: 011.993.3069


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