fbpx HIMSS Analytics Stage 6 Award | Istituto di Candiolo - FPO - IRCCS


Attaining Stage 6 designation indicates that this hospital has achieved a high degree of clinical automation that is incorporated into the patient care services it delivers

This hospital is able to provide the highest levels of patient safety and quality outcomes for the care it provides to its patients.

Awarded in Riga, May 2015 by HIMSS Europe

Renewed in Candiolo, December 2017 by HIMSS Europe


Raggiungi l'Istituto di Candiolo


  •  Indirizzo per navigatori: Strada Provinciale 142 di Piobesi incrocio Strada Statale 23 del Sestriere  -  Coordinate: 44°58'01.6"N 7°34'00.0"E