2015 Candiolo, 6-7 Jun
IRCC International Conference
“Molecular Oncology From Signal Transduction to Cancer Precision Medicine'”


2014 Candiolo, 4-5 Oct
IRCC International Conference - “Molecular Clinical Oncology 'Precision Medicine'”


2013 Candiolo, 7-10 March
EMBO Workshop - Physical Biology of Cancer


2011 Torino, 26-28 May
IRCC International Conference - “Molecular Clinical Oncology”


2011 Torino, 29 May
The Biology of Cancer: Oncogenes and Microenvironment


2011 Torino, 26 May
Giornata monotematica SICO Chirurgia del tumore del colon-retto


2009 Torino, 10-12 Sept
63° National Congress of the Italian Society of Anatomy and Histology


2009 Torino, 10-12 Sept
EMBO Molecular Medicine Workshop
Invasive Growth:a Genetic: a Programme for Stem Cells and Cancer


2007 Torino, 7-9 June,
Forth IRCC Cancer Conference
Invasive Growth: a Genetic Programme for Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells


2005 Candiolo, 26-29 May
IRCC, EMBO Workshop
Invasive Growth: Stem Cells, Cancer and Cancer Stem Cells


2002 21-24 Feb
IRCC EMBO Workshop
The Invasive Growth Programs: Signals and Effectors


2001 IRCC, 23Mar 
Virtual Colonoscopy Biological and Clinical Implications


2000 25-30 Sept IRCC
EMBO Practical Course
Lentiviral Vectors for Gene Transfer


1999 Stupinigi Castle Torino, Oct 7-10 Embo Workshop
Stem Cells, Growth Factors and Cancer: Biological and Clinical Implications

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